Monday, December 15, 2008


Guess who's going to Wicked!!! Yep! ME and NATE! My amazing in laws went down to the capitol theater at 4 AM to get tickets to surprise us as Christmas presents. We got them early because Bum and Ai will be with Ai's family this year, and Ty and Erin will be in Washington with her family so we have had Christmas early twice this year.. (Long Story) It was a VERY good surprise when we opened it up and saw tickets to the most amazing musical EVER! I'm so excited for my hubby to see it. I saw it is San Francisco a couple years ago with my family and have been raving about it ever since. I can't wait for him to see it! I'm SOOOOOO excited!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jazz Game!

So Laura got us tickets to the Jazz game for 15 bucks! Since we are out of school for the rest of the week and we don't have to get up early because tomorrow is Thanksgiving (Yay!!) We decided to go! It was so much fun, plus we got to spend quality time with Zach. He leaves for the MTC in A week!! WAAA!!! (Thats me crying)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I am SOOOO Team Edward!!

So my nursing friends and I decided we needed a night off. We all got into the Twilight series, (even when we should have been studying) so we decided it would be a blast to go to the midnight showing of Twilight the movie! It was so much fun! Even though I have been so tired the rest of the weekend because of it, it was so worth it!! Thanks girls for an amazing night!

The theater we went to hired models to pose as the characters for pictures.
My Girls! Emily, Cynthia, Rachael, and Heather- on top me and sus
Me and sus

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Go Cougars!

So one of the amazing perks to having my husband be a BYU Cheerleader is that I get a ticket to every game. We have been to every game but one and today was the last one. I'm sure this is not hard to believe, but today is the first time we have taken any pictures and it's only because Susan brought her camera because of course I forgot mine! We saw you Aunt Nat and Uncle Wilf!! I was like "Hey I know them!" Very exciting! Here are so pics at the last home BYU game!

Two peas in a pod!! Love this girl!

Sus, Nicki, Nate

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Priceless Impresions

Check out my sister's photography blog. She is amazing at everything she does! Check out her amazing pictures, great tips and whatever random stuff she posts!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our first "Pad"!!!

So our first place is probably the tiniest little apartment you've ever seen! It's just right for us though. We don't need a lot of space. These are a few pictures from the day we moved in!!

It's just like CHRISTMAS!!!

Opening wedding presents was so much fun! It was seriously better than Christmas... (In the present sense, not the spiritual sense) Nate and I wanted to go straight to the Blackhurst's from Jackson. We calculated it to be around 5 or 6 when we got home, but unfortunately due to construction we took a wrong turn somewhere and got a nice view of bear lake on our way home! We stopped for a bear lake shake so it was totally worth the extra hour! Once we arrived at the fam's house we had a BBQ before and peach ice cream after!
Here are a few pictures of our present opening extravaganza!

I was so excited to get these sheets!!! Thank you Marsh family!!!

Honeymoon Jackson Hole Style

We went to Jackson Hole for our Honeymoon!! It was so much fun! There was always something fun to do and such good food and great shopping!! We had a blast! We want to go back every year!

The famous arch of antlers at Jackson Hole
Being weird on our way to go river rafting
Finally arriving at the Mad River Boat Trips place
I love this picture

So we went river rafting which was a total blast... I've never been before so I was kind of nervous but it was really fun!! We stopped half way down and had a picnic with burgers and potato salad. After we got of the boat my eyes started to get itchy..... See next picture for the outcome...After we got off the bus from what seemed like a 15 hour drive back to our car, we bolted to the car and raced to the grocery store to get some allergy meds... Seriously this picture doesn't even do the situation justice...

After the allergy attack was over we got ready and went out for sushi... My husbands favorite... I couldn't put eye make up on because my eyes were burning so I look kind of nasty, but Nate looks good!!

Kati and Mat, the most amazing people I know, called ahead before we even got to Jackson Hole and set up a reservation for us to go to the Bar J Wranglers. The show was hilarious and we loved every minute of it... Especially the steak dinner!!! We love you Kati and Mat and don't know how we'll ever re-pay you!!! Thanks for making our honeymoon that much more amazing!!
So I know you're not supposed to talk to anyone on the phone when you're on your honeymoon... But... I broke the rules. Kati called me and insisted that we go to this particular restaurant. She transfered money into our account and also insisted we get appetizers specialty drinks expensive entrees and dessert... We were stuffed!!! Nate had a buffalo steak and I had ribs. They were both delicious... Once again... THANK YOU Kati and Mat for being so amazing!
We had our waitress take this one... It's a little blurry... oh well. Kati don't judge.
This was our ghetto Hotel... It was the last room in Jackson because we waited until like 2 weeks before our wedding to book it... Good job Nick... We checked in on the 4th OF JULY!!! Of course everything was sold out!! It was way fun though even though the hotel was kind of crappy.
Down town Jackson. We got really good at asking people to take our picture!
Headed home :( We stopped to take pictures of the river on our way out!