Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kaiya Updates...

She LOVES her daddy. She thinks he's very funny.

Don't worry--- the burners by her were not hot... and I never left her side. My mom gave me crap for putting her in her bumbo on the counter.

She loves tubby time

Our little baby is growing up so fast! I hate it, but love it at the same time. Each phase is so fun! Few things for documentation. She started giggling on May 14th, which happened to be her three month mark. She giggled out loud for my mom, who thought she had giggled before. I walked into the room and heard her and freaked out calling Nate into the room, scaring Kaiya to death. It was the cutest thing ever! Us being the proud first time parents whipped out our camera and got it documented before she decided she was too tired to giggle anymore. She still has not giggled like that again for Nate and I. Just courtesy giggles. She also rolled over last Tuesday, May 24. Nate was putting lotion on her back and had her on her belly. She rolled over to her tummy and his first reaction was, "you little stinker-- stop wiggling." Then he quickly realized what had just happened and again scared Kaiya by yelling for me to get in the room to see it. Of course she wouldn't do it again for me. She did it twice on Sunday at my parents house proving it really happened. haha. She hates tummy time so as soon as she can get back to her back the better in her eyes. She has always been so alert and aware of her surroundings but everyday she continues to amaze me. She is so smart. Her coordination is amazing. She can see something she wants, reach for it and get it. she loves her toys above her car seat. I swear she gets cuter every day. She has been sitting in her bumbo since she was 2 months old and loves to sit up like a big girl and help mommy do chores around the house. She loves doing laundry with me and cooking dinner with me. She had rice cereal for the first time at 3 and a half months (coming in the next post...) She is such a good baby. She sleeps through the night and takes awesome naps during the day. I find it very hard to put her down because she is so dang cute!!