Monday, March 28, 2011

6 Weeks Old

Chubbers... This doesn't even look like her but it was so funny and she looks so fat that I had to post it.
daddy teasin baby Kaiya
Sleepy baby
Daddy and his future cheerleader
She started smiling this week. SO CUTE!

Lovin her bath. She has old man hair in the picture!

Hating getting out of her bath

This is the tail end of a cute conversation with mom and dad.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Daddy's little Cheerleader

I was laughing so hard at this the other night that I had to grab the camera. Daddy is starting her out young!!

One month old... :(

I can't believe my baby is one month old!!! Time is going by way way too fast!

The Story...

I couldn't have asked for a better experience... The pregnancy, the delivery, the recovery. I'm not trying to brag with this post, but I'm more just wanting to document everything so I can remember next time I decide to have a baby... :) and to remember what this one was like. First off, we got pregnant way faster than expected. My family has a long history of infertility, so I just figured I would be the same way. I went off birth control and was extremely surprised the next month when I saw 2 lines on the pregnancy test. A few weeks went by and I expected the nausea to set in, like it does for most pregnant people. I waited and waited... It never came. 10 weeks rolls around and I have my first appointment. I weigh in, expecting the number on the scale to slightly scare me, only to find that I have lost 11 pounds... weird... no nausea or vomiting was involved in this drastic drop. 14 weeks we find out that our little baby is a girl. We were both so excited. She was a little stinker though. It took over an hour to make the discovery and we even checked again a few days later to make sure. The rest of the pregnancy goes on perfectly. I worked all the way up to the week before my delivery. Of course, it's kind of hard not to when you work for your OB. No excuses haha. I was working at the hospital as well putting in another 36 hours in a row there in graveyards. My belly stayed pretty little and no one believed I was due any day. In a previous post, you read about our labor scare. After that day I didn't have one single contracting and didn't progress at all. Another weird.... We woke up the morning of the induction, drove to the hospital totally calm, checked in about 5:10 AM and I got into my gown. The anesthesiologist was called. They started my pitocin around 7 and shortly after Dr Taylor came in to insert my epidural. It was perfect. I didn't feel a thing. Even when he said, "K you're going to feel a little pressure and some burning" I didn't feel anything. I was so surprised when he said he was done. It was a prefect epidural. I could still move my legs and feel my toes, but I never felt one contraction. Nate would look at the monitor and get this look of pain on his face and say, "can't you feel that??? That was a big one!" Nope, didn't feel it. Dr Judd came about 8:30 to break my water. Nate thought that was pretty cool. Kaiya panicked a little. Her heart rate showed her distress, so I had to have oxygen on for about 10 hours and constantly lie on one of my sides to keep her relaxed. 3:00 rolls around and I'm completely dilated. Dr Judd "rests and descends" me. He was busy at the office so I told them to tell him to stay until he was done. I was feeling great and could hold on until he could get there. He came about 5:30. Everything was set up at about 5:45. After checking me he realized her head was turned to the side, preventing her from coming down into the birth canal enough for me to get her out by myself. He got the forceps out. I pushed maybe 6 times and she was out by 5:51 PM. (I thanked him for doing all the work later... :) ) She was a little banged up from her head being to the side and from being in the birth canal for so long, but she was still beautiful. It was the weirdest/coolest experience of my life. It still doesn't seem real that she is my baby. Recovery was a little rough for the first 3 days. My dad came down to stay with me and helped a ton with meals and with Kaiya. Nate had to go back to school. 2 and a half weeks after she was born, I went back to work at the hospital. It's been a crazy journey so far, but I couldn't love her anymore. Nate and I stare at her constantly and just keep saying to each other "I love this girl so much! How is she so beautiful! She is so prefect! I can't stop staring at her!" I couldn't be happier with this experience.

BEST Dr. in the WORLD!!!!


Kaiya Mikaela Blackhurst (KY yuh)
February 14, 2011
6 pounds 10 Ounces
20 inches long
5:51 P.M.