Monday, September 12, 2011

Yuba Lake

This year for Labor Day we went to Yuba Lake with Nate's family. It was fun to get out of the house and sleep under the stars. Nate's dad always makes the best food when we go camping. They spend so much time making sure our trips are perfect and they always are. Kaiya had fun too. She loves to be outside and play in the sand and water. She did really well sleeping too even without her bed and bedtime routine.

Nate on the waverunner

Sunday we took a drive to the Manti temple to relax and enjoy the day
Chillin by the campfire
She loves to sit and play with toys
of course stunting was involved in the weekend.
relaxin with daddy
happy happy girl. Don't mind that I'm not wearing make-up in any of these pictures...
I LOVE this picture. She looks like such a big girl!
We were parked waiting to get our campsite and Kaiya had had it with her carseat. So we got her out and put her in the front seat. Nate thought it would be funny to put her in the bumbo in the front seat and seatbelt her in. He then wanted to give her our trip snacks and take a picture to make it look like she "called shot gun" and was ridin in the front eatin snacks. It was cute.
Such a happy girl!!

Utah State Fair 2011

My dad is one of the directors over Utah's Own. Every year at the state fair my dad heads up the Utah's Own food court where all Utah companies come and set up their booths to sell food. There are some awesome companies there this year so if you go to the fair, make sure you check it out. I had the Ribs from Richard's BBQ booth and it was FANTASTIC. Kaiya loved the fair of course. However, mother of the year right here forgot her stroller so Nate and I had to carry her the whole time. Not fun. She likes to be free to move around and look around and being held was not allowing her to do that. It was still fun though.

I'm pretty sure this is our only family photo...
Kaiya and Bampa
She got sleepy and fell asleep on Nate's shoulder
Man I love these two!
She is such a cheeser!