Monday, February 23, 2009

A Night In The ER

WARNING!!!!!!!!!!! If you have a weak stomach do not scroll down... These pictures are very gruesome!!

So Nate works at a gymnastics gym and we decided it would be really fun to rent it out for a Saturday night and invite all our friends to come play. We got pizza for everyone and were really excited to just play around and have a good time with friends. (well nate would have fun and I would study... Story of my life) So people started showing up surprisingly on time. They all sighed waivers and we were headed to play. Well... 5 minutes after we started playing, a friend (who is a very skilled diver) decided to do a double back off the vault. Unfortunately the difference between diving and flipping off a vault is that under a diving board there is just water and the board extends out so there is no way to hit anything on your way down except the water... The vault is placed on wood and there is about two or three inches that exist between the end of the vault and the start of the pit. In diving you are trained to dive straight up and straight down because if you travel at all you lose points on your dive. So he was just doing what he was trained.... SOOOO he ended up hitting the top of his head with great force right on the corner of the wood... He wasn't really sure what had just happened so he started rubbing his head in a "ouch that kind of hurt" way only to look at his hands and see blood on them. He leaps out of the pit and bends over, blood pouring out of his head. The nursing instincts kicked in. My cute husband was already running toward the bathroom before I could tell any one to go get something to cover it with and was back in less than a minute. We got the bleeding to stop and threw him in our car and headed to Timp Hospital. Below are pictures of him in the ER and the damage that was done... Again BEWARE!!!
First Picture... After they had cleaned him up a lot.. He actually looks A LOT better than he did.
Second picture... Top view of his head (33 CM across)
Third picture... So yes it was 13 inches across and it went all the way through to his skull... There was only a thick layer of skin holding his scalp in place. The doctor said it was the worst head injury he has ever seen.
Fourth picture... The next day... 50 stitches and 11 staples later. You can kind of see the staples. POOR KID!!!