Saturday, January 24, 2009


This week BYU played UNLV in boys basketball. They started out really well leading going into half time, but in the second half choked and ended up losing... (stupid 3 pointers that they think they can make...) Anyway... Susan has become my basketball buddy since Nate is always cheering so we took some pictures this week!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sunday night chat with Uncle Nate at Grammy's...

Luke was being so cute this past Sunday night! Nate and I just adore this baby. He has changed so much in the last month. He is such a happy baby! We love playing with him. He loves to chat so Nate was having a nice Sunday night chat with him and I couldn't resist pulling out the camera! It's kind of a long clip but I couldn't stop. He was being so cute!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So I'm really bad at updating my blog and when I do it's like 10 new posts all in one. But at least I do it... So there are 7 new posts below, so enjoy seeing what's been going on in our lives the last month!

BYU Basketball

So as you have probably caught on to by now, I am a big cougar fan. I love going to the football and basketball games. This game, however, was a sad one because the cougars lost their first home game after a really long winning streak. It was still a fun game though even though it got really intense!I only take pictures of Nate at the games...

Last day of finals!

My nursing school friends and I decided that we needed to celebrate finals being over. It was a blizzard when we walked out of our last final but we were determined to celebrate so we went to Chilies and had a good time relaxing and not worrying about having to go home and do homework or study for another test!

Christmas Ugly Sweater Contest WINNERS!

So Nate and I totally won the ugly sweater contest at his cheer party this year. There were a couple other winners but ours were pretty hot. The best part is that his sweater is his dad's and he still wears it... It had leather diamonds sewn in across the middle of it. We were laughing pretty hard. It was a fun night and it was fun to hang out with his byu cheer friends.

Farewell Beezer!

Zach left on his mission at the beginning of December. He is doing awesome! He is going to Sweden and the language is coming along great! He loves the MTC and we are so proud of him! Here are some pictures of him the day he went into the MTC.

Vegas Bowl

I didn't get to go to the Vegas Bowl this year, due to finals and a few other lame details, but my hubby went to cheer them on. He's as good at taking pictures as I am (not very good) but here a a few that he did take. He had fun, but got really sick on the way down and came home with strep... (that I somehow did not get!)

New Years Eve!

We hung out with some good friends on New Years Eve. We went to dinner at Trio and then went back to our friend's Tiffany and Ryan's house to hang out. The boys played ping pong and the girls made dessert (Cake waffles-- AMAZING!) Then the boys decided to play video games until 5 minutes after midnight so we didn't even see the ball drop! Oh well we had fun anyway!

Snowed out!

Courtney and Paul came home for Christmas so we were able to play with them one night. Nate and I went up to Bountiful. We went out for Chinese food and then went back to their house to watch the Utah bowl game.. (Even though I really didn't want to... I don't care if BYU lost this year I still say GO COUGS!) Anyway... It started snowing so bad during dinner that we couldn't get up the hill to the Woolston's house and we had to park the car and walk up the hill!! It was more of a hike than a little walk especially in big boots! Anyway it was fun! When we went to leave after walking back down the snowy hill to our car, we realized that the snow plow trapped us in! We didn't think we were getting out but we did and got home safely!

It was cold...
After we dried off!