Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kaiya Updates

(Kaiya, say "cheese")

Kaiya will be 11 months in just a few days! She is so smart. I am amazed everyday at the things she learns. She is a little copy cat. Everything we do, so repeats. She is being stubborn with walking. She has been pulling herself up on things since the first week in October and has been walking with a little sit to stand walker for a month now, but she refuses to stand by herself. She is definitely my child in the way that she does things on her own terms. It drives Nate crazy. She loves to eat and will eat pretty much anything we do. I'm so ready for her to turn one so she doesn't have food restrictions anymore. I'm also SO ready for her to not be on formula anymore!! She loves her sippy cup. Last month we were out at a restaurant and she kept trying to get my drink. We had never given her a straw before so I didn't think she would be able to get anything out. I let her try and she instantly sucked up my Dr Pepper. It was so cute. She is now obsessed with drinking out of a straw. I bought her a new sippy that has a straw. She thinks it is fantastic. She is our little hoover. She loves to find things on the floor and put them in her mouth. We are always pulling things out of her little mouth. She has 8 teeth and she's not afraid to use them. She bites us all the time. Our toes are her favorite thing to attack. She also likes to bite my fingers. Cardboard and paper are her favorite things to eat. Christmas was like heaven to her. wrapping paper and cardboard boxes everywhere! She couldn't have cared less about her new toys. Here is a list of her favorite words to say:
Nah-nah (mama)
No no no (shaking her head left to right)
Ni Ni (in a high pitched voice) (night night)
bye bye- she won't say it, she'll just wave when you say bye bye
Hi Hi (same as bye bye she just waves)
Uh- oh
That's all I can think of right now. She is such a fun little person to have around. I swear she gets cuter and funnier everyday. I don't remember life without her and I don't want to. She has made us so happy.We were for sure blessed with a happy and good natured baby. We have been so spoiled and eased into parenthood. I'm scared to have anymore. She is such a good baby that I just know our next one will be naughty!!