Friday, April 3, 2009

Lava Hot Springs!

So the weekend of Valentines Day also happened to be Nate's 24th birthday and president's day, so we decided to take advantage of the situation and head up to Idaho for a relaxing weekend at Lava. It was quite an adventure as some of you have heard our hilarious stories that happened while we were there!
At the hot pools one day we were there...

At our second hotel.. HAHA I told Nate he didn't have another option. We WERE switching hotels...
Beds before. The only room they had left has 2 twin beds haha!!
Beds after. You know I was the likely candidate to fall through the middle...Our hotel has hot pots of their own!
I broke the window curtains at both hotels. It was hilarious.Nate eating his birthday steak at Texas Roadhouse

so happy to be in Lava!
So I'm too lazy to turn this picture so it's the right way, but as you can see... Our bathroom was separated by a shower curtain! It was so gross in there that we didn't dare take a shower.
Nate let me have first dibs on which bed I wanted! HAHA there were 3 beds in this room! And none of the sheets or comforters matched. They were so GROSS!
Our awesome furniture... Patio as so you can see. Not matching...

It turned out great and we will for sure never forget this year's Valentines Day! Nate bought me a really cute pair of pajama pants from Victoria's Secret and I got him a new CD, game and mini guitar hero for his birthday. We went to Texas Roadhouse in Pocatello for his actual birthday and it was amazing. Thanks for an awesome weekend babe! Love you!